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We suggest that you first familiarize yourself with the standard equipment, and then fill out the form
Standard equipment
Order Form
Standard equipment
Pumping unit
The pump unit according to the order with the correct operating parameters.
Pump unit control panel
In accordance with the needs of the on-board electronics of the pump unit.
Suction hose with filter
Flexible suction hose with coarse water filter.
Ejector system for starting the pump with water
An ejector system is used to prefill the pump.
Accumulator battery
In accordance with the needs of the on-board electronics of the pump unit.
Coolant and engine oil
Fluids will be poured into the engine according to the desired level.
Order Questionnaire
Please indicate the basic requirements for the initial processing of the order
Your name
Please enter your name and organization name
Phone Number, Email
Please enter your contact number and email
Purpose of use
Watering plants, pumping water in/out, for fire fighting
Pumped liquid
Water, dirty water, fuels and lubricants, the presence of particles and their size
Flow rate, m3/h / l/s
Value on pump discharge
Preasure, m / atm / bar
Value on pump discharge
Suction height, m
Vertical drop from the water level to the suction port of the pump
The distance from the fence to the station, m
The length of the pipeline from the point of water intake to the station
Place of water intake
The place from which water will be drawn: river, rates, canal
Unit version
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