Domestic manufacturer of pumping equipment.
Development timeline
A brief excursion into the history of the emergence, development and formation of our organization.
The year of foundation of our organization, thus the company "Intellect" appears.
The main focus is the sale of pumps of various brands across the CIS countries.
Our company continues to develop, already Technika CJSC, moves to a new place (a full-fledged workshop near the KPI) and begins not only to sell but also to service pumping equipment, to produce pumping units with electric motors.
Our organization carries out the next move to its own large full-fledged workshop (part of the former "Electronmash" plant, Kyiv). The territory allows you to place turning, fitting and welding equipment, store more parts for the production and repair of pumping equipment.
The first diesel engine pumping unit leaves our conveyor. The equipment has a certificate and technical specifications. Products immediately find their customers and have an interest in the market of pumping units in Ukraine. We realize the unit protected from external atmospheric phenomena.
We carry out the first delivery of pumping units to Africa. Our organization is now called more solid - "Mashzavod "Tekhnika" LLC. The quality of pumping plants continues to improve, models on a wheel frame have appeared.
We carry out one of our largest orders for up to 100 units. There is no limit to perfection, our organization continues to modify previous models and creates new interesting modifications, options appear on a wheel frame and on a slide with an arrow for quarries.
Starting this year, units are controlled by ComAp consoles. A mobile unit was made with a loading hose loading system. We continue to improve our products and improve quality, we are replacing some elements of the engine and pump with better and more durable ones.
Reasons why you should order a pumping station from us:
As you understand, we have a fairly long way in development and great achievements.
Since we are a manufacturing organization, we can bring to life any customer requirements and wishes.
We participate in the state program to return to farmers part (up to 40%) of the cost of products purchased from us.
For all manufactured products, we give a warranty period of service.