Electric pumping units

If the facility has the opportunity to use electricity, our organization also has experience in the manufacture of pumping units with electric motors.
Pumping units solve a wide range of tasks and can be used as:
  • pumps for water supply and drainage;
  • pumps for irrigation, land reclamation, etc. in agriculture;
  • pumps for pumping water, drainage of reservoirs, wells and other flooded objects;
  • dirty water pumps in construction, mining and chemical industry;
  • pumps for pumping water in emergencies, natural disasters, etc. (MOE, Housing);
  • fire extinguishing pumps.
Pumping units can be made in both standard and corrosion-resistant version.
Depending on the wishes, pumping units can be completed with parts (pump and engine) of any manufacturer, because our organization has everything necessary to make all the requirements of the customer real. Standard version - on steel frame, container option is possible.
The electrical pumping system can be equipped with suction hoses and pressure hoses of the appropriate diameter, connecting and transition heads and fire barrels and other accessories, both in-selfmade (under the order of the buyer) and production of other enterprises.