The Ministry of Economy and banks have agreed on cooperation in the implementation of state financial support for agricultural producers

The Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture together with the banks signed a Memorandum, which provides for joint efforts to create favorable conditions in the financial and credit support of agricultural producers.
The memorandum provides for cooperation in the implementation of certain areas of financial support under the budget program KPKVK 1201150 "Financial support for agricultural producers", namely:
  • state support for the development of animal husbandry and processing of agricultural products;
  • financial support for farm development;
  • partial compensation for the cost of agricultural machinery and equipment of domestic production;
  • financial support of measures in the agro-industrial complex by reducing the cost of loans.
The use of funds in the above areas of state financial support is carried out in accordance with the Procedures for the use of funds approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, which provides for the direction of budget funds through authorized banks.
Authorized banks are selected in accordance with the The procedure for selection of banks through which the payment of pensions, cash benefits and salaries to employees of budgetary institutions, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of September 26, 2001 № 1231.
The list of authorized banks that have signed the Memorandum of the Ministry of Economy on the implementation of state support for agricultural producers can be viewed at link.
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