State support-2019: Ukrainian farmers have already transferred over 2.8 billion UAH

As of November 14, Ukrainian farmers received UAH 2.84 billion of state support in the areas of development of farming, animal husbandry, horticulture, compensation for loans and compensation for purchased agricultural machinery and equipment. By programs:

According to the program "Financial support to the development of farms" for the period July-September 2019, farmers received UAH 126.1 million. The information was prepared on the basis of registers received from authorized banks and Ukrderzhfund.
In particular, funds are accrued in the following areas:
- partial compensation for the cost of machinery and equipment - UAH 49.6 million (749 recipients);
- cheaper loans - UAH 28.0 million (297 beneficiaries);
- partial reimbursement of expenses related to agricultural advisory services rendered - UAH 290.8 thousand (17 recipients).
- budget subsidy per unit of cultivated land - newly established farms - UAH 11.8 million (210 beneficiaries);
- budget subsidy per unit of processed land for farms (except newly created ones) UAH 36.4 million (1226 beneficiaries).
In total, farmers have already received UAH 230.4 million in budget subsidies.

According to the program "State support for animal husbandry, storage and processing of agricultural products, aquaculture (fisheries)" for the period September-November 2019 paid to 382 million UAH 1000 entities, namely:
- interest compensation - UAH 2.7 million (4 economic entities operating in the sheep, beef and beekeeping sectors);
- compensation for the cost of livestock facilities financed from bank loans - UAH 32.6 million (5 economic entities for the construction and reconstruction of livestock farms for the maintenance of cattle, pigs and poultry);
- subsidy for keeping cows - UAH 255.3 million (807 economic entities for keeping them 283 659 heads of cows);
- partial reimbursement of the cost of breeding animals, semen and embryos - UAH 91.4 million (184 entities for the purchase of 3 691 heads of breeding heifers, heifers, cows; 3 911 heads of pigs and sows; 528 heads of ewes and sheep; 179 747 doses of sperm production).
Overall, in 2019, under the respective program, UAH 1.6 billion was accrued, which was used by 1.4 thousand economic entities and 181.9 thousand individuals.

According to the program "State support for the development of hop growing, planting and supervision of young gardens, vineyards and berries", 112 entities were approved to allocate funds to the amount of UAH 119.8 million to compensate for the costs of acquiring planting material for fruit and berry crops and grapes. As of today, the funds have been paid to farmers in full.
As of November 8, under the program "Financial support of measures in the agro-industrial complex by means of cheaper loans", structural units of the RSA actually allocated UAH 104.1 million, of which UAH 103.9 million has already been transferred to borrowers.
Thus, the largest amounts of compensation were accrued to agricultural producers in Vinnytsia (UAH 8.95 million), Kyiv (UAH 8.39 million), Cherkasy (UAH 8.05 million), Khmelnytskyi (UAH 7.07 million), Poltava (UAH 6.78 million). ), Kharkiv (UAH 6.14 million) regions.
In total, 426 agricultural producers benefited from the support, attracting concessional loans worth UAH 4.6 billion.

According to the program "Financial support of agricultural producers" for the period January-September, agricultural producers were allocated UAH 640.3 million to compensate for the cost of agricultural machinery and equipment purchased from domestic manufacturers.
In total, 5400 agricultural producers benefited from the program during the reporting period, and purchased 10 309 pieces of machinery and equipment for a total cost of UAH 3.1 billion.
The program "Loans to Farmers", which is implemented through Ukrderzhfund, paid 140 million UAH of subsidies for 432 farmers.